We are a leading product testing and development centre for the agrochemicals and household pesticide industry.

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Efficacy Testing - Agrochemicals, Biopesticides and Fertilisers

i2LResearch offers a wide range of efficacy testing including insecticides, molluscicides, acaricides, herbicides, fungicides, nematicides and fertilisers, in the areas of horticulture and agriculture...

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Efficacy Testing - Biocides,  Professional Products, Animal Health and Repellents

i2LResearch offers a wide range of efficacy testing in the areas of biocides, household consumer and professional products and animal health...

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i2LResearch is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of terrestrial ecotoxicology testing services for the assessment of plant protection products on non-target arthropods (NTAs) and non-target plants (NTPs) and also some aquatic ecotoxicology studies...