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It has been a busy month for i2LResearch in May, and as a consequence we have welcomed two new members of staff at i2LResearch USA. Inc. and one new team member at i2LResearch Newcastle.

Dr Amy Campbell

Amy has recently joined i2LResearch Newcastle in May 2021 following a successful PhD at Newcastle University looking at the 'Better Use of Molluscicide Pellets for the improved management of slugs'. Amy has a keen interest in developing her understanding of plant protection products within molluscicide work, and also developing her understanding of herbicide and fungicide applications.

In her spare time Amy can be found fell walking in the Lake District and North Pennines with her dog.

Irene Javier

Irene has recently joined i2LResearch. USA in May 2021. They had received a Bachelor's of Arts in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psycholog

y at University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2019. Irene has a background in developmental psychology research and had recently worked as a medical assistant in an otorhinolaryngology office for two years, but is now eager to expand their horizons to environmental and agrochemical research. In their free time, they enjoy drawing and painting, particularly wildlife and portraiture.

Tori Rottman-Turner

Tori has a B.S. in Biology, as well as a B.S. in Environmental Science & Geography - both from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Having worked with tetragnathid spiders and emergent aquatic insects through experimental research, in addition to a myriad of east coast U.S. invasive arthropods, she is 'super excited' to delve into i2L's research initiatives.

Tori is a life-long arthropod fan, is a Maryland Master Naturalist, and spends free time hiking, oil painting, and volunteering at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, entomology department in Washington D.C.

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