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Major upgrade to Cardiff, UK laboratories

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

i2LResearch has made a significant investment in its Cardiff, UK, laboratories. New developments include:

- Increased capacity of 25% in overall testing area

- Modernised and expanded in-house insectary permitting the rearing of several additional species of insect and mite pest species

- Six new 30m3 chambers which allow efficient and timely throughput of trials

- Chambers can be adapted to 75m3 space

- New 1000 litre climate cabinet for seedling emergence and vegetative vigour studies or for running bioassays on leaf disc and other plant media

- Three new 400 litre constant temperature and humidity cabinets offering improved control for insect and mite rearing and providing controlled conditions to perform accelerated ageing studies when looking at aged treated materials

- Refurbished and re-purposed office and test chamber areas providing a more comfortable and efficient working space

Our team of highly qualified scientists with many years of entomological experience, each contributing many novel bioassays and experimental practices to our extensive SOP and protocol catalogue, are always at hand to discuss your unique testing requirements and provide guidance and a clear pathway to generate product performance data which best serve the label claim being registered.

We are excited about our changes and look forward to working with you and showing you our new enhanced facility in 2019.

Other exciting developments in 2019 include:

- New laboratory in our Spanish office

- New ecotoxicology price list

Exhibition stands at AMCA, PestEx and SETAC

For further information or to arrange a visit to our upgraded Cardiff laboratory facility please contact Richard Kinsey:

i2LResearch, Capital Business Park, Wentloog, Cardiff, CF3 2PX, UK


Tel: +44 (0)2922 400586 Web:

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