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Announcing the formation of i2LResearch Europe, Czech Republic

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

We are delighted to announce that due to the continued growth and development of the company, the Czech office has become a new Limited Company, i2LResearch Europe s.r.o. Dr Pavel Foltan, Managing Director (Europe), heads the new s.r.o. and his responsibilities extend to the wider EU operation. Dr Foltan comments: “Our European business has huge capacity for growth in the areas of crop and non crop testing in the laboratory and field. In addition, I expect to see significant growth in our ecotoxicology business in the next few months.”

The Czech office offers the following services:

- Terrestrial ecotoxicology (non target arthropods, soil and dung organisms, bee testing and non target plants)

- Mosquito repellents (laboratory and field capabilities)

- Field studies on bed bugs

- Flea and tick repellents/equine insect repellents on horses

- Fertiliser testing

- GEP and GLP trials

Other exciting developments in 2019 include:

- New laboratory in our Spanish office

- New ecotoxicology price list

- Exhibition stand at SETAC

- Formation of our new office in Romania/press release to follow

For further information and to discuss any specific testing requirements, please contact Dr Pavel Foltan:

i2LResearch Europe s.r.o., Lipova 1789/9, Ceske Budejovice 37005, Czech Republic


Tel: +420 604 953 278 Web:

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