•Over 25 years expertise working in slug behaviour and control, coordinating and performing Pan-European efficacy registration programmes.

•Approximately 1000 permanent caged arenas for small barriered plot trials

•Highly proficient in conducting more specialised field studies including:


-Seed dressings

-High value ornamental and vegetable crops

-Minimum effective rate/Dose justification

-Biological and microbial agents

-Specialist target species (e.g. Tandonia budapestensis, Arion vulgaris etc.)

Research and development testing in order to determine:

•LD   and LD   toxicity values for new molluscicidal agents

•Palatability testing of new baits and coformulants

•Attraction and repellency studies including olfactometer trials

•Initial contact and efficacy evaluation of new test baits

•Re-formulation studies

•Rainfastness and pellet integrity testing

•Time-lapse video recording