Insecticides / Acaricides


Laboratory and simulated use trials  on a large range of pests:

• Urban pests (cockroaches, silverfish, wasps, dust mites, spiders, ants)

• Public Health and Vector insects (ticks, bed bugs, biting flies and mosquitoes, head lice)

• Animal health (fleas, poultry mites, stable flies)

• Stored product beetles and moths

• Wood boring insects/termites 

Trials on:

• Baits

• Space sprays

• Fumigators

• ULV products

• Knockdown/contact


• Residual products


• Flushing products


• IGRs/larvicides

Field testing in multiple locations
for professional product claims on
cockroaches, ants, flies, bed bugs etc

Use of indoor and outdoor sites including field trials in private dwellings and commercial settings.