GLP Certification

i2LResearch Limited (Cardiff, UK) has been a member of the UK GLP compliance programme since 2009, and is offering product efficacy testing and ecotoxicology testing in accordance with the UK GLP Regulations 1999, S.I. no. 3106, which are in accordance with the OECD Principles of GLP (revised, 1997) 1998 and the GLP standards as described by the EPA (40 CFR Parts 160 and 792). Click here to view a copy of the GLP certification.

i2LResearch Europe s.r.o. (Czech Republic), has been GLP certificated since 2011 for conducting product efficacy registration and ecotoxicology trials. i2LResearch Europe s.r.o. was the first organisation in the Czech Republic to attain the GLP certification in their first attempt. Click here to view a copy of our CZ GLP certification.

i2LResearch USA, Inc. (Baltimore, USA) conducts GLP efficacy testing studies of products for the control of household and public health pests for registration purposes with the EPA. The US GLP monitoring authorities do not issue GLP certificates to research laboratories. 

i2LResearch Limited (Cardiff and Newcastle, UK) holds the GEP certification since 1999 in compliance with the Commission Directive 93/71/EEC regarding product efficacy testing (for agriculture and horticulture), certificated under the UK CRD's ORETO scheme for GEP studies. Click here to view a copy of our GEP (ORETO) certification.


i2LResearch s.r.o. (Czech Rupublic), also holds the GEP certification since 2011 for conducting product registration trials in agriculture and horticulture. Click here to view a copy of our CZ GEP certification.


i2LResearch Spain, S.L. is also GEP certificated since 2012 . Click here to see a copy of the Spanish GEP (EOR) Certificate.

GEP Certification

2019 CZ GLP certificate_eng
I2L_GLP_Statement_of_Compliance CDF 2020
EOR - GEP certification_SL - 2017 - 2022
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