Specialised Services

Screening studies

i2LResearch offers higher throughput screening of hundreds to thousands of compounds for biodiscovery type projects, in small-scale cell well assays and glasshouse studies, including:

  • Insecticides/acaricides on household (flies, cockroaches, ticks) and agricultural pests (aphids, spider mites, caterpillars)
  • Herbicides on monocot and dicot plants/weeds
  • Molluscicides on slugs, including force feeding, initial acceptability and palatability
  • Nematicides on plant pests (e.g. Globodera spp.) and animal health pests (e.g. Haemonchus contortus)
  • Fungicides on plant pathogens (e.g. Pythium, Fusarium etc)
  • Seed dressing/treatments

Packaging penetration studies

i2LResearch offers a packaging penetration evaluation service to determine the susceptibility of packaging designs to penetration by stored products pests, including beetles, moths and ants.

Packaging evaluated can range from consumer products including cereals, chocolates, pet food, baby powders, and other food products to large-scale professional-use packaging, such as bulk bran pellet sacks.

We also offer assistance with the development of new or improved packaging designs and re-testing services.

Resistance studies

We offer efficacy testing on field-collected populations of both public health (e.g. houseflies or cockroaches) and agricultural pests (e.g. spider mites or aphids) to assess their susceptibility/resistance to standard commercial products.

In addition, we have access to resistant strain population of various species for the evaluation of novel compounds for their control.

Additional services

  • Efficacy filming for marketing purposes/customer presentations
  • Events, customer meetings, demonstrations of products
  • Market research/consultancy and literature reviews
  • Arthropod pest monitoring
  • Shipping services for sample importation into the USA
  • Protocol development liaising with regulatory authorities in Europe and USA, protocol submission for review, including IRB and HSRB submissions
  • European SME research partner for grant funding projects